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Good deal or rip off?
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Aphrodite 7th Jan 2014

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Valve has revealed a new machine for around 500 bucks.  to me, the machine is a little lacking for that amount of money. I can build a really nice gaming machine for 500. ... eam-machine-unveiled

would you buy this to game on?
Emukiler 8th Jan 2014

Joined: 6th Nov 2013
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I have to wait until all the different steam machines are released and people start trying them out and talking about them before I make a decision. I haven't tried SteamOS yet and I don't know how well it's all going to work.
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-i4Ni-ZeldaFreak777 2nd Feb 2014

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tsk....1080p at 60 fps is nothing to be happy about.....1440p should be the standard atleast...hardware in it blows...even at the most expensive thing it has is the 802.11ac....but that is a $50 usb card if needed........twas' a good idea...gone wrong...IMO

PS: dat controller tho

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Trip Wires 20th Feb 2014

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hate if you must but not a terrible deal in comparison to what i currently have and what they are asking its a tad over priced but as emu stated its a different OS so who knows what that will be like i would hold off wait and see how it runs before making a decision but I like to see stats before making decisions like this one

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Forum » News & Announcements » No News Is Good News
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