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Rest Easy ClayMoore.
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-i4Ni-ClayMoore 17th Sep 2013

Joined: 6th May 2013
Rank: Never To Forget
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On Thursday August 22nd Philip Nickens passed away due to cardiac arrest. I felt obligated to tell you all this but I couldn't find the words or gumption to do so. My father truly enjoyed every moment with you guys playing a game that he loved with people he loved. I hope you guys continue playing like you do so others can find an escape from their stressful lives.

- Dragon164, aka ClayMoore's son.

Good Hunting
-I4nI- Clay Moore Out!

Aphrodite 17th Sep 2013

Joined: 6th May 2013
Rank: DramaQueen
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OMG... im so sorry for the loss of your dad! he was awesome and I truly enjoyed gaming with him and talking to him. What a tragic loss. RIP Philip Nickens -I4nI- Claymore..
-i4Ni-SPAK 17th Sep 2013

Joined: 3rd May 2013
Rank: Administrator
Posts: 555
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Thank You Dragon164. That could not have been an easy post to make.

This is truly sad news. Clay Moore was one of the fun ones to game with, took all things in stride. He never let me forget I was Canadian as he reminded me of it every time I got on-line...I'm going to miss that. On behalf of my family, all of us at -i4Ni-, our deepest condolences.

Rest well, -i4Ni- Clay Moore

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-i4Ni-wolf3510 17th Sep 2013

Joined: 17th Sep 2013
Rank: MIA
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My heart and prayers go out to your family, Claymore was a great guy, and we loved him dearly...he will be greatly more worries my friend

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-i4Ni-GENOCIDE 17th Sep 2013

Joined: 5th May 2013
Rank: Administrator
Posts: 207
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Spak gave me a call on the phone letting me know of Clay's passing, for about 20 mins I did not want to believe it.

He was one of the founding members of this group, as long as we are here he will not be forgotten.

He always had to get up early for work so his bed time was early. We would say "come on one more game" and he would just about everytime. "I got to go to bed but one more game".

Dragon164 your father was a great guy from all of -I4nI- to your family I offer my condolences.

Clay is my friend and I will miss him.
-i4Ni-Super_Glue 17th Sep 2013

Joined: 6th May 2013
Rank: Administrator
Posts: 232
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This is unreal, Dragon164 I am sorry for your family's loss.

I don't know what else to say

-i4ni-AudieMurphy 17th Sep 2013

Joined: 7th May 2013
Rank: MIA
Posts: 6
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Dragon, thank you for letting us all know. Your father was a good friend to us all, and he will be truly missed. His memory lives on with all of us. My condolences to you and your family during this time of loss. May your hearts be lightened and filled with joyful memories.

And to the rest of you... thank you -I4nI- for being such good friends! This is what a true "clan" is all about - being family!
-i4Ni-Scuba 17th Sep 2013

Joined: 1st Jun 2013
Rank: Clan Member
Posts: 24
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What a sad moment. Clay was an amazing friend. It's hard to believe he's gone.
Grizzly 29th Oct 2013

Joined: 29th Oct 2013
Rank: Registered User
Posts: 1
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I was the former I4NI Viper
sorry for your loss. Clay was a great person to play with. He will always be in our mind as we play.
Aphrodite 29th Oct 2013

Joined: 6th May 2013
Rank: DramaQueen
Posts: 1
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Hey Viper! long time no chat. nice to see you back around these parts. thanks for the comment on Clay.
-i4Ni-GENOCIDE 30th Oct 2013

Joined: 5th May 2013
Rank: Administrator
Posts: 207
Likes 53

Hi Grizzly thanks for stopping by and for your kind words about Clay he will always be missed here. If you are ever in the battlefield stop by our server.
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