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Skewered. (A night in pictures)
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Sexual Tyranno 21st Jan 2014

Joined: 11th Jan 2014
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And, thus, it begins...

And you can see this coming. (and will continue to see similar situations with the same individual)



Looking familiar yet? (Thats K-Love on the left)

And Again.

Don't worry though, made sure to spread the love

And I even got to experience a rarity in the land of asshats...

But sometimes it's just safer to deal with SALTWATERDAVE in other ways.

In conclusion... Sucks to suck.

...and I have a blast playing with y'all. Good Night!

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Aphrodite 22nd Jan 2014

Joined: 6th May 2013
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damn klove! on a roll slicing throats! lol
-i4Ni-Super_Glue 22nd Jan 2014

Joined: 6th May 2013
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This section reminds me of the Elite Ninja Warriors in BF2 on the old website!!!
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Emukiler 25th Jan 2014

Joined: 6th Nov 2013
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